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Marin Voice: I saved my trees from sudden oak death; you can, too

In the April 14 Marin Master Gardeners feature, “How to get involved in the annual sudden oak death survey,” Martha Proctor wrote, “There are no known methods to arrest the spread of the disease once trees become infected.” She added: “Applying a preventative phosphonate to oaks at risk in the fall is currently the recommended treatment.”

Trees were literally falling apart and dying

Acid Rain 2005

Sudden oak death, Pine pitch canker, Beech Decline, Sugar Maple Decline, Dogwood Decline, etc..... underneath all of these tree decline and death is acid rain.

Although sudden oak death is only thought to occur in the Western USA. I survey accomplished in 2004 turned up 3 SOD positive trees on the east coast.  In my opinion, SOD infection is just a symptom of a greater problem of acidified ecosystems throughout the world.  


Acid Rain leaches calcium from fragile forest soils and decreases the ph of soils causing the mobilization of toxic Aluminum which kills trees roots. This weakening of tree roots predisposes trees to various diseases and insect attacks.