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NEW APPLICATION TECHNOLOGY - Spray the bark only- no injecting, no drills.........

PENTRA-BARK® is a unique patent pending surfactant application for treatment of trees and plants. PENTRA-BARK® has been specifically designed for use on herbaceous woody plant surfaces with fungicides, insecticides, plant growth regulators and micro-nutrients.

PENTRA-BARK’s new technology facilitates "non-invasive treatment" of trees and woody plants with systemic pesticides/nutrients. Conventional treatment methods utilizing labor intensive drilling, injection of root flare, and high pressure deep root injection of pesticides for soil saturation is eliminated. The liability of chemical trespass with foliar application is also eliminated.

Pentra-Bark, bark penetrating surfactant. Approved in California for use as a basal bark spray to treat Sudden Oak Death when used with Agri-Fos Systemic Fungicide (above). Apply at a rate of 1 to 1. (i.e. 1 gallon Agri-Fos, 1 Gallons water, 4 Fl oz. Pentra Bark.) Can be used with a hand held sprayer. Just spray to saturation on the trunk bark from approximately 6 feet up the trunk and continue down to the base. Be careful not to get overspray on other plant as it may cause photo toxicity on the foliage of other plants.

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